About Me

Welcome to Triangle REEL Mowers! My name is Scott and I have lived in the Triangle area for over 10 years.  After buying my first home, I had my first experience with taking care of Bermuda grass and didn't know where to start.  I wanted to have a good looking lawn and a great place for my family to play on year-round.

I talked to landscape consultants, joined lawn forums and learned about REEL mowers.  Shortly after all of that I bought my first REEL mower and immediately became infatuated with having a healthy and well-manicured lawn.

Using a REEL mower is the most important ingredient to having a beautiful Bermuda or Zoysia grass lawn.  I didn't find any companies in the local area that catered toward everything REEL mowers, so I started this site to help others who are looking to start their journey to having the best lawn on the block!

I'd be happy to speak with you about your lawns needs. Contact me here!